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October 11th 2023

In a world where digital reigns supreme, there exists a sanctuary of sound where vinyl takes centre stage. WAX ON WAX OFF, a series of events masterminded by the dedicated enthusiasts at Sonic Fortress, stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the analog era.


Inspired by the iconic mantra of ‘wax on – wax off’ from the master Mr. Miyagi in the beloved 'Karate Kid' film, these parties celebrate the essence of Oldskool Hardcore and the Nu-Rave spirit. Held in the vibrant city of Ipswich, these events are widespread for their commitment to one simple rule: strictly vinyl.

2nzy, the visionary behind Damage Inc and Sonic Fortress, makes a resounding statement about their commitment to vinyl: "No CDJs, no USBs, no laptops, no controllers. For all the arguments about whether digital or vinyl is better, some people claim that nobody cares apart from old DJs who can only play vinyl.

“Well for every person who buys a ticket and makes up the dancefloor at WAX ON WAX OFF, I beg to differ, because they definitely care and love seeing it: hearing the snap, crackle and pop, the rewinds, the scratches, and the DJ chasing the mix as there is no sync.”

2nzy also reflects on the humble beginning of WAX ON WAX OFF, saying, "It just started as a little tiny event where we didn't have to worry about politics, having to pull big crowds, or worry about the music we could play." From day one, this team has remained steadfast in their commitment to keeping it Oldskool to the bone. What began as a small venture has now grown into something monumental.


Eventually the events have attracted many loyal fans who appreciate the genuine Oldskool experience, played out exclusively on turntables with classic and sophisticated vinyl records. As 2nzy proudly states, "So many are sick of hearing the same 15 tracks all night every night. It just took the real fans back to '93 and became regulars because where else is going to play that?!”


The events find their home in The Smokehouse, a club that has seriously embraced events like these. "They allowed us to play whatever we wanted, and so gave us a little place where a few of us could get together and get to play our records, and the kind of records we wanted to hear out or have in our collections and never get played out anywhere." says 2nzy.

One testament to the success of WAX ON WAX OFF came from none other than Aphrodite, one of the previous headliners, who declared, "What a great night!" Such enthusiasm sets the stage for the upcoming event, featuring two heavyweight names like DJ Sy and Deekline. It won’t stop there cos there is one more highly anticipated forthcoming set of Altern 8, that will play for the very first time in Ipswich.

Event Lineup:
DJ SY - The #1 Scratchmaster, making a triumphant return by popular demand.
DJ DEEKLINE - Renowned for "Cut & Run" and "Hot Cakes" and known for the massive hit "I Don't Smoke Da Reefa."

Wax On Wax Off residents: ANGEL, BASH, DAMAGE INC., REMIXX.


For tickets and more information, visit the

Sonic Fortress:

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