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Now this is a lovely sounding album. There are certain things in this life that come so naturally it’s almost as if they were put on this planet to do purely that. Verb T and Pitch 92, once again, (could you believe it?), have conjured up a 13-track jazzy soulful infused album that bellows many relaxing and humble tendencies. 


Verb is like a mystical wizard spewing his wise words upon the lost revellers of a misty civilisation. When Pitch’s lazy symbols and funky basslines are coming out of the speaker, an elegant flow of carefully crafted words and metaphors will form a tale of clever ironies and life-experienced anecdotes. 

verb pitch album.jpg

With each faded out piano key welcomes a dim, opening instrument. Like a light at the end of a dark tunnel. Be it a triangle, xylophone or a guitar, Pitch does not shy away from experimenting with instruments and sounds. Pitch’s beats and Verb’s voice work in blissful harmony with each other: the tone of Verb’s style of rapping is met gracefully with the picture-creating inspired instrumentals. When the Wind Changes takes your mind on a trip, like going through a movie scene. 


One really impressive attribute that both Verb and Pitch have in common is, not only are all releases consistently matching this top of the range standard of hiphop, but their work rate is what makes it all so impressive to me. It can’t be matched. Always coming through with this carefully tendered and nurtured hiphop, hiphop that engages your brain and makes you appreciate hard graft and love for the art of this music. 


Park yourself down and give this album a spin, you will not be disappointed. 


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Matt Knight

September 6th 2019

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