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The UK hiphop scene right now is looking, and sounding, as healthy and robust as ever. Here are some labels you may wish to check out to expand your laid back listening.

Blah Records

An eclectic mix of unknowingly talented individuals realised that the music that they were creating was not yet getting the exposure it deserved, from there Blah Records as born. Initially formed and curated by the UK hiphop Godfather that is Lee Scott, this label are always churning out unique and standout content that differs to the rest in ways that can only be understood through multi-dimensional thinking. With a healthy roaster of artists, and all rarely slacking off on content, these guys prove to be one of the most exciting labels coming out of the UK at the minute.

Room2 Records

Hailing from Manchester and bringing those Manny twangs to all sorts of syllables, Room2 bring the funkadelic flows and all sorts of mischief when any of these guys are up on the mic. The crew voiced the esteemed Voodoo Black artists Sparkz, Ellis Meade, Dubbul O and DJ Cutterz, and focus on bringing those hybrid, bassy beats that could easily be dropped in raves in dingy nightclubs: they’ve got that global appreciation. 


Potent Funk

Homing the likes of Dabbla, Sumgii and Illaman, the innovative bodies of art that come out of this label are second to none. Definitive genres are not known to this collective and their music always pushes the boundaries of the fast moving movement that is hiphop. Whether it’s the mad impressive cinematic technicalities or those wavy, paranormal instrumentals, the levels are raised with every release and by all means they’re here to mash up the dance.

High Focus

Rooted firmly in the history of UK hiphop, some could go so far to say a major pioneer in UK hiphop: London-bound label, High Focus, are the base of some of the most talented and respected artists in the country. I could mention Dirty Dike, The Four Owls, Ocean Wisdom to name a few, but the list would go on and on. These guys produce relatable, straight up boombap style hiphop and they do not mess around.

Matt Knight

September 12th 2019

Brighton is the birth place of one of the chillest groups going: with those laid back, jazzy grooves that make you kick your feet up and sink into your chair. Harvs Le Toad’s recent album release is a perfect example of those jazzy riffs, eloquent sampling and the beautiful 80s/90s jazz vibe tie-ins. Yogocop have expanded dramatically in the past years, expanding from a four artist basement motive, to a 13-piece collective of diverse and refreshing artists coming out of the South.

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