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Whilst the UK is in lockdown, Tyler Convery has been prepping nonetheless and delivered a UKG/bassline to drum and bass mash up party starter of a mix. Alongside the sounds we caught up with Tyler about lockdown business, music and more.

How were you introduced to mixing and the underground music circuit?

I’ve been into making music and DJing since I was young (as cliché as that sounds), mixing Sound of Bassline and poorly ripped DJ Hype CD’s on my old all in one Numark CDJ thing. The DJing and events work really started up properly when I moved to Sheffield for uni.

tyler c press shot (BL).jpg

A lot of us at uni used to have student houses with big basements and were throwing parties in these each month. I know everyone bigs up their parties, but these were epic! The house would be rammed, loads of the Sheff bassline DJ’s would come and throw down, you could write a book so much mad stuff would happen. So anyway, we decided to try take this atmosphere into the club and started our night, Poggerz. This allowed us to start playing in clubs and start to gain experience running a night. The first night was in a burger restaurant, we cleared out all the tables, put speakers in there and bought Midnight Phulin down to play (Litek and Tyler Clacey). The night took off from there and we went on to have the likes of TC4, Palize, Benton, J.G etc play in Sheffield and Manchester.

I was lucky to end up in Sheffield, everyone in the scene there is super supportive and helpful. There’s friendly competition but all the promoters get on really well and it’s a great place to cut your teeth in the industry.

Favourite genre to play out?

Hard to pick one genre as I always love playing a big mash up of bass music when I play out. Depends on the crowd, but I’d say a UKG & Bassline set b2b Poggerz guy Harry Bailey would be my fave. You can take the energy all over the place and get everyone proper going for it.

Tunes that have been getting the most replays recently?

Kobe jt - Still Sittin’ Here has been on repeat lots. Lockdown has got me listening to loads of old Methodman and Redman as well haha.



Joys of co-running Poggerz?

Everyone involved is on the same wave length and it works so well with everyone's different ideas coming together. It can be hectic on the actual day but it always works out. It's nice sharing the satisfaction with everyone when a night comes together. Everyone is all over the world at the moment so events have taken a bit of a back seat for now, but it's nice knowing that everyone is still part of the sick little crew we got goin'.

Dream b2b?

Chase and Status. Also basshunter would be funny, not sure if that would be a dream or nightmare though...

Dream artists to book?

Getting Spor to play would be sick or Netksy booked for a set playing his old liquid drum and bass. Always wanted to book Ed Solo and Ed Rush b2b and call it ‘Ed 2 Ed’.

Favourite venue?

Club wise, The Night Kitchen in Sheffield. It's dark and dingy and beautiful. It's about as close to a rave or house party as a club can be, always a sick mix of people. If we are talking about any venue, then the Fort at Outlook Festival.



Best set you’ve played? 

Recently playing in France whilst I was living there, that was really cool. It was in this crazy outdoor tent/bar called Happy Hours, at the bottom of a ski slope. YNOT festival last summer with Harry Bailey was super sick, watching the tent fill up and playing my first festival was a great feeling.

Plans for after lockdown?
Party lots, DJ lots and see all my mates. Poggerz wise looking at getting an event ready for freshers, maybe look at throwing a few smaller events again. Mainly, I really can't wait to play out again. Miss it lots.

Any pre set rituals?

Normally spending 10 minutes searching for a headphone adapter haha.

The key to throwing a good party?

Decent soundsystem, sick decor and a crowd that want to be there. If it’s a club night, I believe building it up from a small group of mates is the way to go. When a night grows naturally and slowly from a small crew of people, everyone feels much more invested and connected to the event; if that makes sense.

How do you think the corona shenanigans will affect underground music when it’s all over?


Apart from the obvious financial impact it's going to have I guess we'll just have to wait and see. People always want to party, students will still be back at uni so it will bounce back, it just might take some time. Hopefully people realise how much they enjoy nights and support them more than ever. I think it is really important to support the smaller venues and promoters when this is all over, they are the core of this industry and without them there wouldn’t be the huge events you see.

Talk us through the set up you’re rocking at the moment?

Production wise I just use Ableton 8, a Scarlett 2i4 I can plug mics and guitars etc into and midi keyboard. Serum, Massive, Nexus and one called Crystal are my fave synths.

What artists do you think people need to be keeping an ear out for?

Zefer has been making some really nice UKG/bassline stuff recently. Aztek makes some sick dubstep and is constantly putting out great music. Charla Green’s been making some great jungle and dub music and our residents Namena and Hatchet are continually getting better and better. Any grime/UK hip hop heads check out Sur-T also.

Shout outs?

All my friends and fam, the Pogg’d Up crew and my girlfriend Danni for putting up with me playing the same 4 bar loop for 2 hours straight, and Eliot, who without, Poggerz would not exist. Big up The Wub!

Matt Knight

April 26th 2020

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