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Always down to bring a party and a fine selection of an ecstatic infusion of bass music, is a Bristol grown collective, Bass Militia Records. Their most recent project, the remix LP of TVNDRA’s Interference, includes an impeccable roster of well respected and humbling names that represent all corners of the bass music spectrum.


The producers involved in this remix exposition clearly show who Bass Militia are as a label. Remixes of the three original hard mutant bass style tracks see names like Kanji Kinetic, Ali Monsta, Teotek, and a fair few more just to be nice. Bass Militia are always sticking true to providing a fresh take on bass music exploration, with forward thinking producers that can bend and warp the elements of bass influenced party music. 

With the musically tuned minds of Easy J, Tweakah, T-Break, Sayian and TVNDRA behind the organisation of the label, the artists they’ve curated for this EP certainly correlate to their musical styles and directions.

Despite the forward thinking bass focused mentality of the project, this remix LP shows no sign of pigeonholing to one style. Mandidextrous and Matt Scratch have come through with Mandi’s iconic speed bass style sound on their remix of Interference, whilst the amen ridden jungle mayhem of Stereo Nuttah’s take of Finding you fits in seamlessly. Qwake came through with an unsuspected splash of halftime mash up drum and bass, ending the LP on a massive note. Ali Monsta, the bassline bringer, came with his unique warpers in his remix of Back at it, his production style always sure to get feet moving. 


Alongside erupting dingy nightclubs in the South West, their discography offers a fine-tuned approach to party driven bass music. Past releases see genres of many forms of bass and bassline, drum and bass, all things tekky, footwork and a whole load more. 


The record label’s experimental bass and party influenced style has been generously brought to us through a much desired selection of class productions: Bass Militia are doing a superb job in diversifying bass music and keeping ideas fresh and flowing.


Available now:

Matt Knight

June 14th 2020

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