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The 18th of December saw the premier release of Stir Crazy, a track and music video by Bristol-based hiphop collective, The Scribes, alongside the alter ego of Mr Teatime, and finishing it off with the collaboration of Finland's homegrown beat conductor, J-Boom.


With 2020 being the year that it has been, we take admiration in the little things that give us joy. Not only taking into consideration the economic repercussions of all these lockdowns and imposed restrictions to daily life as we know it, the effect it is having on our society as a whole can be a testament to how interconnected we are with one another. 


Stir Crazy explores the aspect of loneliness, and how it can shape and warp our view of this world. J-Boom’s raw and nostalgic instrumental style stays true to the heartfelt and the some-what humbling sentiment of the lyricism. The thought of there being someone else out there with a similar headspace to your own can be an inspiring one, and no doubt this track is doing that for someone on the planet. The Scribes speak of thoughts that have been swamping many, I am sure. A track that may not speak to everyone, but the people it does reach, will appreciate and relate on a personal level.

J-Boom has blessed us with a beat that could have easily been ripped straight from the 90s New York hiphop circuit. The Scribes ride the eery, dusty production from J-Boom with ease, a collaboration of styles that needs to happen more often.


Having been released on The Get Down Records, a Bristol-based international label that celebrates and owns the old school boom bap sound in a modern era, a homage to the hiphop being created and released in and throughout Bristol is definitely in order. The Get Down Records shine brightly in the view of cypher inspired rhymes, raw and rugged deliveries and hefty cuts for the heads, and The Scribes slot in perfectly into that regime. 


Keeping it true to the raw and rugged hiphop style that the label and the collective both encapsulate, they have pressed a 7” transparent vinyl alongside digital availability. The full release will be available on all available platforms on the 15th of January. 

Matt Knight

1st January 2020 

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