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I recently discovered Taim whilst he was supporting bassline legend Chris Lorenzo in my local dirt-shed, Streetlife. As his set came to a close, I realised I had been missing out on a lot of impressive music.

I glared up at him, whilst being pushed and shoved by the wide-eyed crowd, to see him cool, calm and collected as he dropped smooth house with dirty basslines. His onstage presence is one that tops many DJs.

The bass house DJ is making a name for himself in the bassline and house circuit, by performing at venues all over the UK from Lakota to Antwerp Mansion, to DJing internationally at Foreverland Festival in Amsterdam.

Taim’s funky and smooth melodies are accompanied by dark, murky basslines that can only leave you disgusted. The Manchester born DJ manages to merge housey vocals and hard, dingy basslines with ease.

He is supported by record labels Get Twisted Records, Punks, and Crucast. Taim released his debut single  First Time, on Get Twisted Records in 2015, and has been widely accepted as one of the best up and coming bass house DJs in the UK.

Taim is definitely a name you’re going to be hearing more often. Check out his Facebook for event updates and his Soundcloud for his music!

Matthew Knight

September 1st 2017

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