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After the strenuous seminars of Friday morning were over, I quickly indulged in a Subway to accompany the feeling of excitement in my stomach. As tonight was the night baseline heavy-weight Taiki Nulight came to the unlikely city of Leicester.

Having said that, the bassline scene in Leicester is doing nothing but growing, with the likes of My Nu Leng, TQD and Burga Boy all having played throughout this winter. It was only a matter of time until Nulight made an appearance.

As the evening slowly drew in and the moon came out, the speakers were turned up and Soundcloud continued to be rinsed. Typical bassline wobblers echoed through the flat, replicating the gormy warehouse we all hoped 30Ten Boutique Night Club would be.

The club was basically another room in Club Republic (The biggest club in Leicester) and I couldn’t believe how empty it was. I mean, for a city that has a relatively big bassline scene, the scene was definitely not reflected in this club. People were about, skanking and moping, but I just assumed it was going to be more of a grimy atmosphere.

The artwork around the club tried to create an urban, street-life kind of vibe, with graffiti plastered all over the ceiling and the walls. I liked it, and it was easy to get around it, I mean, despite the lack of a crowd.

Nulight was on at 2am for an hour and a half, and the supporting DJs didn’t give me any reason to complain. Barely Royal and Bunnie were B2B with Negativ for the hour before, and dutty bassline is an understatement. I had never heard of either of these DJ’s so I was looking forward to hearing some new music.

Barely Royal and Bunnie’s hard Nulight-like style warmed up the audience well, with Negativ’s eeriness and wonkiness prepared me, and everyone else, for the main man, Taiki Nulight.

For the next hour and a half, the crowd’s energy was a steady level of gassed and mashed. The decks were up a set of stairs and to the left, so you couldn’t really see him if you were at the bottom, but all you needed was the set of speakers and you were in for a gooden’.

Abandoned bottles and glasses were pushed off the speakers as the bass rumbled tune and after tune, and Nulight definitely delivered with some wobblers for the duration of his set.

We left the club around 2:30, shortly after Nulight finished. The trek home was definitely more enjoyable than I had anticipated. I thought, “Rain, wind, and probably another 30 minutes on the journey as McDonalds was on the way.” But the weather was decent, but I didn’t have any money for a maccies.

Matthew Knight
February 21st 2017
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