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Continuing on in great Liondub fashion and only showcasing the finest talent coming out of the UK, Subcriminal makes his Street Series appearance and this seven track EP comes in true Subcriminal style with hard and ragga basslines throughout. 


Providing this as the 7th Street Series of 2019 alone, the work rate of this crew is second to none. Subcriminal has only done Liondub proud whilst he creates such joyous melodies, whilst single handedly eruptiong the dance floor with some face-screwing and hard hitting basslines. 


Simplicity can sometimes mean more. Simple changes in keys and pitch brings a prangy vibe to his tracks, perfect for the graveyard shift in dingy nightclubs and parties. 


His production skills have only been honed and nurtured: with great sound design you know these tracks are going to humding through a soundsystem, and his bass cuts and chops bring a whole new element to his personal touches in production. 


When it comes to samples, he knows what’s up. Biggie’s Party & Bullshit can be seen making an appearance, a sample that is placed and worked perfectly into the track Fly Kick.


Catch the full release on the 10th of October, you won’t want to miss out!  

Matt Knight

September 24th 2019

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