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Matt Knight

May 19th 2023

London-based producer and songwriter, sister maple, came out with a two-track EP packed with cheesy and emotional melodies, heavy kick drums and pure euphoria.


The two tracks, JUST WANNA and o3o, both encapsulate all that's great about cheesy rave music. JUST WANNA is more of a dance floor drum and bass style banger, whilst o3o comes back to the classic four to the floor 4x4 with some classy breaks business.


Pitched up vocals with a hint of autotune and makina style melodies, this EP brings together all elements of nightcore and represents sister maple perfectly in a nutshell. Sister maple has a great discography of music, with big LPs that explore all areas of electronic dance music.


There are no bounds to her musical exploration: you’ll hear bassline, bounce, makina, nightcore, hyperpop, drum and bass, just to name a handful of genres that are morphed together. There’s samples to make you cry and samples to make you laugh, but be sure you’ll be bouncing around and moving your feet to this new EP.


Check out the JUST WANNA EP with the link below and to stay up to date with sister maple:

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