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Coming out of the ever expanding music scene that is in Bristol, Shosh has been making a name for herself in the UKG and bass scene. The 14th of December saw the release of her debut EP ‘Take on You’ upon her very own 24 Garage Girls. We’ve been loving what Shosh and the Garage Girls have been doing thus far and we were rather excited to give the EP a listen.


The opening track ‘Take on You’ opens on an atmospheric spacey vibe, with light echoes working alongside a captivating vocal. Some lovely UKG vibes on this one, the fast percussion over that warming bassline works really well. Those glitchy synths create that harder tone to the light hearted track, Shosh's production is well textured and demonstrates that new wave of funky UKG. 


‘Nine 2 Five’ is the second track of the EP and it starts with a very anticipating bass. There are some lovely samples in this track that really adds to that suspense, then those clappy drums under the bass makes a good edition. The second drop has some really effective layers and is all round vibesy, Shosh includes many subtle details that round off the entire piece as a great body of art. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 10.22.51.png

Last but not least is ‘Shotta’ and it is introduced with a vocal that seemed more autotune-ish for my liking, and comes in as the hard bassline track of the EP. Some prangy synths and hard, pounding drums, definitely one for the gun fingers crew. The vocal works well with the general vibe of the song as Shosh demonstrates her diverse ability in her production, the little funky bit of bass at the end sounds really nice. 


The final track of this delightful EP is the V.I.P for ‘Light it Up’ featuring garage MC Onyx Stone and it finishes the EP on a mad garage flex. I think you can see the development of bassline from garage in this track, an upbeat fast melody but not on a prang theme unlike Shotta, the penultimate track of the EP. Onyx Stone smashed the MCing, matching the beat by Shosh perfectly, keeping that UKG fire burning! 


If you don’t know already then get to know Shosh and the 24 Hour Garage Girls! Making movements in the South West, purchase the EP below:

Matt Knight

December 18th 2018 

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