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Throwing it back to 2018 with this track selection, a straight classic from the debut Children of the Damned veteren, King Grubb, with his debut album, Droopy. Didn't you know had to get the mention, for the eloquent production touches and buttery smoothness. 

Although the artist link up on this tune alone is enough to eager anticipation to what sounds are going to be conjured up. Nobodies Home, consisting of Lee Scott, Sniff and Jack Chard, stirred up such a rude bassline whilst being made kind of trippy through the crazy spacey keys and synths going on in the background. Then you had Sumgii on the master to top it all off.

For such a long awaited and highly anticipated release, Grubb never fell to pressure and delivered straight up laid back bangers from start to finish.

Get to know it!


Matt Knight


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