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Sektion Red are behind the scenes of many music videos coming out of the UK and Europe, now the time has come for a mass collaborative album with a plethora of artists on the roster.


The artists amongst this impressive album span over 15 countries, from Turan Khan in Hungary to Sadomas in Greece, this collection of tracks captures hiphop in it’s raw essence: with each artist representing their perspective of the hiphop form.


Opening track ‘The Kurrent’, featuring G00se, Logos Apeilh, Emblema and Mlody Goh, introduces the album on an eery and spacey atmosphere, and those loose drums lightly clap under the mean delivery brought by all artists.

The Red Album - front cover.png

DJ Propo rinsed the production with my favourite beat on the album, those scratches bringing that old school style. ‘Kustoms’ with Bristol-based Datkid, Turan Khan and Sadomas all killing that bassy, piano instrumental.


‘The Big Lebowski’ comes in with a beat so boom bap it gives me the chills, Chro on the production proves lovely under the voices of Just B, Matis CentrumStrona and Ansis. The sample game in this track, and across the entirety of the album, is as strong as ever and it shows the genius in the guys behind the buttons.

All of the 10 tracks on this album are a perfect representation of musical diversity working side by side, to create something that shines the light on the talented individuals coming from all corners of the UK and Europe.

'The Red Album' is dropping 11/12/18, get your preorders in below! Don't be sleeping on this.

Matt Knight

December 4th 2018

The Red Album - back cover.png
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