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Birmingham-based record label, Styx Recordings, have brought the almighty S3 Dubs in for a two-track EP, Jungle Juice.

If there’s one producer that’s making an eclectic bass driven racket from Birmingham, it’s S3 Dubs. Coming swiftly to your earholes on the 20th of April, this EP tests with the art of gritty 140 wobblers on us, the listeners and wonky sound lovers. 


Having the back catalogue that S3 Dubs carries, his bass focused productions, from the bumpy garage and stompy bassline to the eery 140 bits, his production game has been on a constant rise. These elements are all demonstrated in this EP: croaky bass warps and crispy, echoey snares. 

Album Art Green.png

Found Footage comes in with hard wobbly synth stabs and an eager, suspenseful tension. Whereas the title track brings those sooth vocal chops and blends, mixed with spacey, Egyptian boogying atmospheres, similar to one of the latest releases on Styx with Reigamortis', Dehrye.


Styx should pride themselves in their catalogue of 140 and bass music, from the dub and reggae inspired Palla Dub and Wevaman & Unknown Order, to the prang wonky warpers of Spacejail and Seriph. S3 Dubs definitely takes to the side of the eery and murky than the sunny and jolly, nonetheless he’s made his mark and executed with precision. 


S3 Dubs has brought together a fine concoction in what could be described as, the epitome of croaky and wonky 140 wobblers.

Available 20/04/20.


Matt Knight


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