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In January, there will be a new event rising up in Leicester’s music scene. Ru:mble is a new student night that is purely drum & bass and jungle, bringing together new skool DJ’s with the old. I spoke to Jay aka 2-Clean, and Raina aka Raze, both no strangers to the underground music scene in Leicester, about why they started Ru:mble together and more. 


Previously we have spoke about the lack of drum & bass events in Leicester, so I had to ask what they thought of the scene. Raina told me ‘unfortunately, there’s a lot of negativity in the scene right now, and I feel like it’s a lot to do with the lack of understanding. It has also been my dream to run my own event for years, and with Jay and the rest of the team, it is coming to life’.

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Jay, who has been running events for over 10 years says: ‘Leicester has a vibrant music scene but nothing compared to what it used to be. Today, it’s very mixed from house to bassline, dubstep, reggae and dub, and of course jungle/DnB. Formation put Leicester on the map in a time when people only talked about London, Bristol or Birmingham. Ru:mble hopes to add to that vibrant scene’.


With more drum & bass events cropping up over the past couple of years, I asked whether Ru:mble will have something different to offer than other events. Raze told me: ‘There are plenty of events with good music and good vibes, but I have yet to see a student night offering solely DnB and jungle in Leicester - I think Ru:mble will be a unique experience’.


2-Clean has also been running Leicester based Basskicks, so I was curious to know what made him want to do more events. ‘You get an unbelievable feeling of pride when you put an event on and it goes well. I love putting on events and meeting Raina made me feel like I need to spread jungle and DnB to new generations. As an event manager, I feel I have so much experience to give to others, but also I’m never too old to learn’. 


With both the creators of Ru:mble eager to bring together generations of the drum & bass and jungle culture, I asked what is in stall for their first event next month. Raina said ‘Ru:mble will bring back the ghosts of 90s rave culture. New generations mixed with old generations will not only bring out the best in the scene, but also teach both generations about the differences. The night will consist of only DnB and jungle, with a resident line-up of local DJs from Leicester and Nottingham. We are also proud to have GHOST headlining for us, he is definitely one to watch and witness behind the decks’.


Likewise, Jay has told us to ‘expect high energy from up and coming artists from Leicester and the UK also. Alongside local DJs, we have local MCs G1, Burger and Shapes.’


Massive big up to 2-Clean and Raze who will most certainly put on a sick event next month. Ru:mble’s opening night is at BELOW in Leicester on Friday 11th January, so be sure to check it out!




Chloe Baxter

December 20th 2018

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