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Matt Knight

June 7th 2023

Multi-genre merger and beat specialist, Reso, has arrived on Symbiotik Records and he’s delivered a strictly Neurobreaks three track EP featuring a collaboration from Kursa. 


As seen in his previous releases and his incredibly wide discography, Reso has been pushing a heavier - more drum and bass influenced - style of halftime and breakbeat music that has given him a much deserved respect in the underground dance music community.


Not only can he rip up a dancefloor with his heavy jungle drums and neurofunk led basslines, his songwriting and approach to melodic flavours has been a consistent feature in his productions since his releases began.


Symbiotik Records seemed like a rather fitting home for a handful of Reso tracks. On the 5th of June, the ‘Nut Damage EP’ was brought into the world. It’s a three-track EP featuring a collaboration from the prolific Bristol-based producer, Kursa, on the title track.


The EP is heavy artillery for the 135-140bpm crew, with each track equalling each other out with rawness and precision in production. You’ve got crispy breaks and snappy percussion, heavy and pure eruption style neurofunk basslines, and a truly smooth clarity in the mix.


Reso’s spin on the Neurobreaks sound has been demonstrated in his tracks for some years now, although the coined term for the sub-genre hadn’t had really been established. Going back to his remix of KOAN Sound’s ‘80s Fitness’ and his remix of ‘KIKKAKE’ by DJ KENTARO and DJ KRUSH, this halftime neurofunk influenced aesthetic has been on a constant churn out. Now, 10+ years later, the time has come to unleash unadulterated audio mayhem on the Neurobreaks community.   

Stream or download ‘Nut Damage EP’ with the links below, and check out Reso, Kursa and Symbiotik Records for more innovative dance music:

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