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Hannah Rodríguez on her recent release: B2in1s

The 12th of November saw the release of B2in1s, by London-based singer/song-writer, Hannah Rodríguez, and this time on a link up with US-based producer, Hobbes Duende. 


Combining both Hannah’s eloquent blend of soul and tenderness in her voice, and Hobbes’ gentle approach to jazzy melodies, has resulted in another silky smooth taste on modern jazz and RnB. 


Following the release, we asked Hannah five questions to find out the business.


   The last time we spoke must have been around two years ago now, how do you think your sound has progressed or changed since then?

I think my sound is probably becoming much more contemporary compared to the first stuff I put out, which was really organic instrumentally and had a heavy jazz influence. I’ve been getting into a lot of hip-hop and rap music which I think has definitely had an impact on my own tunes. Though ‘B2in1s’ is still pretty jazzy. I’ve been working on some hip-hop features with a few London-based rappers, and my upcoming releases are definitely more like IAMDDB vibes.

   Your voice and the beat are so complimentary, how did the link up with Hobbes Duende happen and what was the production process like between you two?

Thank you! He actually just stumbled across me on SoundCloud and messaged me asking if I wanted to collab. I love his stuff so was well game for it, and we’ve made a couple of songs now. He basically sent me the beat and I wrote the lyrics and melody etc, then recorded it here in the UK and sent him the stems. From then on we worked quite collaboratively on the mix, like sending notes back and forth and making changes. It was quite frustrating at times because he’s based in the US and I’m in London, so we couldn’t just sit down at a screen and go through it together - so some things took longer to communicate to each other. But we got there in the end, and he’s really sweet and patient which made things really chill.

   Who have you been listening to throughout lockdown?

 It's honestly so hard to pin point people cos I listen to so much different music all the time. Some of the main people I’ve been obsessed with recently are Greentea Peng, Jordy, Koffee, Billie Holiday and Mount Kimbie.

   With everything that’s been going on this year, have you found it’s hindered production and music related things or has the drive not really stopped? 

 Lockdown has actually made me the most productive I’ve ever been, I’ve been really lucky cos I know it hit some people hard for real. Definitely had a few breakdowns in my lil home studio after listening to a song like 1000000000 times though.

   Has the project come out as you wanted?

Yeah me and Hobbes are both really happy with the single, and there's actually a music video on it's way so KEEP YA EYES PEELED.


For more jazzy RnB inspired numbers, find Hannah on the socials:

Matt Knight 

November 14th 2020

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