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Emerging from an exploration of a gentle, more ambient sound, Pluvio has created an EP to blow minds, spilling with mutant breaks, kick drum savagery and the tendency to get your body grooving to sounds you weren't too sure existed until now

Following on from the cracking previous release from Bass Militia Records, with Ali Monsta’s, Infinite Noise EP, Pluvio has picked up where it had left off: with some tear out mutant business and party wreckin', speaker crushin' breaks.


After creating a sound that heard the influences of neuro, hiphop, glitch hop, breaks and too many more to mention under the name of Raptus, the crossover of sounds has arrived and it has come in the form of the Renaissance EP.


This EP is a concoction of the weird and wonderful in breaks and mutant bass - in terms of those realms - nothing seems to be left alone, if there’s a break then you can be be sure it's getting some mashy neurofunk attention. The title track - alongside the Akov feature - is screaming to be played out of a sound system: packed with scatty vocal chops, heavy kicks and warpy neuro style basslines.


One of the most undisputed producers in drum and bass, one who’s definitive sound has been recognised and rinsed through systems in clubs and fields all over the shop, Akov, makes the only but rather special appearance on the EP. He’s brought his signature neuro style tear out business to the title track, with some top noch production quality. Clean and crisp. If there were anyone to remix that track, I’m glad he was the one to takeover. Whether it’s drum and bass or tear out breaks, Akov’s got the knack for it.

Bass Militia Records are providing a diverse platform for the amalgamation and unity of bass music. The last few years have been a busy period, with the some great projects and EPs coming out of the Bass Militia camp: with Mandidextrous and her Train to Huddersfield EP, Ali Monster’s Infinite Noise EP, and the free download Artillery Series to name a few, the world of bass music is definitely getting a seeing to. Pluvio’s return to tear out breaks and mash up neuro mayhem came at the right time, and no better than Bass Militia Records to bring it to us.


Next to deliver some party mashing noises to your speaker is Qwake, with his Persona EP. Expect some tear out. in your face  neurofunk coming next month. 

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Matt Knight

June 15th 2021

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