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Matt Knight

July 7th 2023

Record label specialising in UKG, breaks and bassline, SILLYUGLY, are out with a two-track EP from PJ STATHAM.


Having only been on the scene for just over a year now, SILLYUGLY have a strong back catalogue of music in their discography. There’s a keen emphasis on minimal basslines, jungle inspired breaks, and providing an enticing funk and groove to each and every track, not to mention the speed garage warpers that are thrown around too.

In their latest bitesize audio treat, PJ STATHAM brings swingy drums, classy one shots with those oh so pleasing echoes and delays.


Clash’ takes a more jungle led approach, with a heavy and punchy bassline instead of the subtle, ominous sub seen in ‘Turbulence’.


For your minimal and shuffly garage needs, then head over to SILLYUGLY and download for free now.

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