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The UK hiphop scene right now is looking, and sounding, as healthy and robust as ever. Here are some labels you may wish to check out to expand your laid back listening.

With the rich progression of drum and bass here in the UK, there are many labels that all contribute their own unique style and sound to the scene. Here is a list of five places that are consistently providing innovative, playful and experimental drum and bass. 

Looking for somewhere to get your skank on in Swindon this month? Here's a little list of the places you might want to find yourselves at. 

​Amongst the hustle and bustle of the town that is Swindon, you may be wondering where to find your drum and bass fix. Here's a little list of some of the nights putting on regular drum and bass for your ears. 

​The ol' Blackburnian, Bill Shakes, and Blah Records resident, is coming out with his debut album. Eh? is up for release on the 23rd of August.

Here we have compiled a guide of events this March in Leicester, with lots going on this month. Especially for those students out there, this time of year is a gruelling one, so we've made it easier for you to find your grooves on the weekend!

February is looking packed out for music events in Leicester, here's a list of some of the nights you might want to get yourself down to. 

2013 was a productive year for UK hiphop, with some absolutely banging releases that planted themselves in the history books. We put together a list of 10 tracks from 2013 that deserve a mention.

​To welcome in the new year Leicester is hosting a bunch of new events, from those dirty dnb nights to the groove of the disco nights, here's a list of what's going in Leicester this month. 

Unsure as to where to hit up this New Years eve? We have got you covered with ten events that are going to be making a racket this 31st, spanning across the UK. 

It's party season indeed and everyone is feeling festive, so we have taken our time to find all of the events this month! Different genres are abundant, so there's something for everyone!

November is looking to be another healthy month for all genres and events, here's a list of the upcoming events in the city of Leicester.

Twenty months ago I wrote an article that shamed the lack of drum and bass in the Leicester music scene. Read on to see what has changed since then...

With October being a busy month for event organisers and ravers alike, we have listed some of the events that you might wish to support over the next coming interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

​We've listed a bunch of events that are coming out of the woodwork this month in Leicester, all for all your musical interests.

The infamous Boomtown is quickly approaching so we have picked out 10 acts that you need to see, check it out!

Not sure what festivals to hit up abroad this summer? Well here's our list of the best house and techno festivals in Europe to meet your techy needs.

Unsure about what festivals to hit up this summer? We are to help you along the way. 

March 13, 2018

12th March saw the passing of hiphop pioneer and legend Craig Mack.

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