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Matt Knight

July 22, 2022

This Saturday sees the second instalment of nightcore4totalsluts at The Crown, this time they’re teaming up with Tube VR, for a multi-sensory explosion of NXC, bootlegs and pure silliness

In 2019, N4TS was created. Imagined and launched by producer, Dolfinboy, the event brand and record label has now gained global recognition and a dedicated following.


Tomorrow night, The Crown will be home to their first event post-lockdown and with a lineup of great importance. Hosting DJ Sharpnel, Kanji Kinetic and Laxcity to name a couple, Dolfinboy told us: “DJ Sharpnel is from Japan, he's one of the main pioneers of the genre j-core, a complete legend of the scene. He retired DJing IRL like 5/6 years ago and only plays virtually as an anime character now. But I found out he was in the UK for a business trip and tried my luck - and he’s making a surprise comeback one off IRL set!


“When people heard about this, the ball got rolling, and Snacks (yes, THE 4chan WT Snacks) who I know through Bangface, decided he was gonna fly over from America just to come play the same event. Honestly this is gonna be a pretty monumental, legendary night in this scenes history.”


Their first VA album came out in 2020, and it kickstarted the attention: "It went down better than I ever could've expected,” said Dolfinboy, “and the whole worldwide NXC scene noticed and started to get involved and helped me reach that worldwide audience. Whilst at the same time, my producer friends in the UK were equally as excited about the idea, and have been making their own versions of UK NXC style originals - which the international audience had never heard before and were excited about. So everything put together really launched it off the ground.

“Then after doing a Varispeed takeover and running my own room at Bangface, things started getting serious with the bookings. Now I'm flying to USA, Netherlands, Israel as well as UK gigs to push the NXC scene."

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The night will be able to be experienced virtually too, where the DJs will be teleported to different realms with a green screen: “Their holograms are getting projected into a virtual reality club called Tube VR. There’s gonna be 100s of other people from all around the world dancing as anime characters and such to the night. Then we have a projector showing the IRL club the URL club. So we're integrating the virtual dance club scene with the IRL club scene, something which I don’t know if it’s been done before really. I owe a lot of credit to Tube for helping me with the idea.


“It’s always exciting to try new things and add new elements to parties as to not let them get stale.”


NXC has grown massively in recent times, this shown in N4TS’s following over the last couple years: “It’s took off because we don’t really have another label like it in the UK really. It was a gap in the market that was really needing to be filled.


“Having a smile on your face and knowing the words adds a whole new level of enjoyment when you’re partying - especially when it’s backed up with actual sick tunes. Plus people are such music snobs, and they have a lot more guilty pleasures than they realise. NXC gives them an excuse to rave to Katy Perry, live out their insecurities or something.”


Tomorrow night is not a night to miss, with many history making moments for NXC nights. Cop your tickets here:

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