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Matt Knight

May 20th 2022

Retropxssy is back with a new music video out of her North London abode. ‘Wild Horse’, shows the fire to create pieces of art is forever burning.

Since we last spoke almost exactly a year ago, there’s been a consistent stream of music coming out of the retropxssy camp, much to her listeners visual and audio desires. This time she has collaborated with FAT LLAMA, to create a colourful and mysterious minute and a half for our enjoyment.


Her most recent track, Wild Horse, is of a genre-bending style once again. This one is more for the hiphop heads with the grime influence, accompanied with nice spacey synths and indie-inspired vocals. JoeJas, producer and good friend of Retro, always cooks up a beat that fits seamlessly under her style of voice.


“I made it in lockdown actually, a lot of my songs are working through negative emotions and Wild Horse - I was just feeling like a bad b.”

Putting music creation to one side, Retro has been throwing events and parties in the capital: “Putting on events has been really good, my first one was in 2019, I loved it. I was inspired by JoeJas who I work with a lot, he produces a lot of my stuff. It’s a lovely party atmosphere, it’s great to connect with other people doing their thing in London. I have a background in theatre so I love making quite in-depth, immersive experiences. I have’t put on an event in the last couple months cos I’m trying to secure funding, which is the life of anyone trying to do anything creative these days.”

Music videos are always a concept Retro runs with, keeping the visual aspect of audio releases alive. The ability to tap into different senses through visible mediums is always exciting, with the possibilities once again becoming endless: “I think people are very visual. Music videos are - in a boring industry point of view - a way to get more engagement with your music. But in a less cynical perspective, they’re a fantastic way to tell more stories with the song, have fun. I want my videos to be rich, playful short films, really. They’re satisfying to make and build more of the world around what I do.


“As long as people are on this earth, there’ll be creativity, probably as long as there’s earth cos nature's pretty creative too.”

Check out the video here:



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