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Matt Knight

April 25th 2023

Bristol-based DJ/producer, Neffa-T, has come out with a 50 minute mixing masterclass. With six decks at his disposal, this mix demonstrates pure class and eloquence on the ones and twos.

The mix spans many areas of the dance floor: from garage breakbeats, acid-laced grooves, murky grime style halftime tracks and spacey emotional dub and 140, all brought together in an impeccable mix.


Neffa-T has been making some considerable noise, making his name known across the globe, and for good reason. Holding an arsenal of heavy audio artillery and possessing an exciting and in-depth mixing style, it seems only appropriate that the props are being dished out.


You can catch the full mix on Youtube with the link below, and you can book Neffa-T for a six deck mix now:

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