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Emerging from a small town in Kent, Folkestone, is a three-piece hiphop crew on a mission to deliver that raw UK boombap steeze all over your eardrums. 


The debut act on the newly established record label, Brain Scran Records, has arrived like a spaceship onto a foreign planet: when the sole purpose of the visit is to infect the minds of all inhabitants with laid-back, futuristic boombap mash ups. 


Brain Scran has been curated by two owners of the web site that is greatly rooted in the UK hiphop scene,, and their approach to supply hiphop with a futuristic and innovative edge yet sticking to that old school boombap feel has been manifested considerably well in this release. 


Mysteronz consists of a DJ/producer, King Bracket, and two MCs, Chie and 7th Sense. Before we delve into the pure blissful mesmerisation of the instrumental game on this project, the authentic lyricism of these two MCs needs to be touched upon. Raw, rugged and honest lyricists. Seen in Anuva Good Year, these boys spit bars for the heads that know what’s up. The 16s about smokey hiphop sessions and life amongst drink and drugs: not everyone on this Island will understand it, but that’s what makes it the more enjoyable. The people who know will know, and that is what it’s all about. 

Mysteronz 3.jpg

The EP addresses subjects that encompass the world that the Mysteronz come from. Much like in the penultimate track, Seaside Scum, which explores the paths that can be unintentionally taken down by living where they do and amongst the situations they are in. Relatable tendencies are present throughout the whole project, verses are spoken for the people living the same thoughts and pursuing in the same actions. What packages up poetic substances such as these like a bow on a present? Those impeccable beats by the completing member of the group, King Bracket. 


Coming straight out of the boombap era with the UK influences doing it nothing but justice. King Bracket blesses each and every track: with instrumentals either smoother than butter or rugged enough to kick anyones head in. From the face-screwing steez of 2 Martas, to the more heartfelt emotion led beat on Seaside Scum, his versatility is apparent on this EP whilst keeping true to that rude boombap vibration. The funky smooth touch he brings to a beat is definitely something to look out for. 


For that straight up UK boombap flavour then these guys might just be what your ears have been waiting for. Parental Guidance is available now.

December 22nd 2019 

Matt Knight

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