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If there was one thing to say about Leeds-based producer, Mungk, it would be that this guy truly gets dubstep. Thankfully with his latest EP on Belgian record label, Duploc, a release like this leaves the listener full of things to talk about.


The sound design is incredible, with the sub sounding and feeling warm enough to heat even the coldest heart, while the percussion weaved throughout this EP with scattered elements from world music come together to create one of the most raw yet well produced dubstep EP’s that I have had the pleasure of hearing in quite sometime. 


Title track, “Kuji”, named after the Japanese city, kicks off this EP with a bang. This track includes some fantastic vocal work and a bassline big enough to make up for the lack of dubstep in 2021, whilst the percussion work is top notch, and it doesn’t stop there.


The second track from the EP is called “Rajasthan”, and this is my personal favourite track of the EP. One comment on this track reads, “any track with a sitar is just better, sick EP”, and I couldn’t have put it better myself. This track has everything: high energy, dope percussion and some instrumental work that is of the highest quality.


“Puli Kali” is the next track on the release and if what you want from your dubstep is 30hz of sub in your face then this is the track for you. The unrelenting bass in this track is matched up with some big and heavy sounding drums that truly encapsulates the genre.


The EP finishes off with “Macaque”, named after a species of monkey found in Asia. This track has a real oriental feel about it, with monkey chatter intertwined in this tapestry of sound with sub that is clearly from the deepest parts of the jungle. Not to mention those big sounding signature drums that will be certain to get you stomping on the dance floor.


Overall I would give this EP a 5* rating. From start to finish it had me on a journey: with a clean, yet somewhat raw feel, that is certainly lacking in some other genres. I highly recommend that you all go and cop a copy of this EP when it drops on the 22nd February, I know I will.


Find Duploc here:

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Kris Lewis

February 21st 2021

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