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Following the forever-grooving discography of the Boom Bap Professionals, Louis Cypher’s, Cypher Sore Eyes, keeps the strictly old school boom bap vibes flowing fluently with this six-track EP.


From the get go, you’re told about the wordplay and clever lyricism that’s soaked in each track: the title plays with, I assume, the phrase a sight for sore eyes, and if it means that Louis’ got the bars and beats for sore eyes, or should I say ears, then it definitely adds up. This EP is for the soul-searchers, the questioners and the wanderers, with each track providing a remedy for long days and life’s questions. 


Without having already guessed from the label behind the release, and without having to state the some-what obvious, that old school, slow cap boom bap sound has been hit bang on the nail head. Those eery jazz moods, soulful harmonies and gritty snares. A time-traveller from 80s New York awakens in a smoky UK, his name is Louis Cyhper, and he’s come to deliver a lesson on what boom bap hiphop should sound like, UK style. 


What I do rate about this project, is the almost need to showcase vocal talent. There’s seven features and collaborations, and it’s as if there’s not even enough space on the EP to really show what we have to offer. In short, there’s too much talent coming out of UK hiphop. 


This EP isn’t full with halfhearted, shit chatting lyrics. It’s a blend of real talk lessons, life experiences and - this one is important - a healthy input of questions. Questioning why we’re ruled and governed how we are, questioning our life purposes and what our drives are, questioning why we are even questioning things. The lyrics speak about the thoughts that we all ponder, and it’s all laced upon grainy snares and rattling cymbals: the perfect combo. 


One thing that deserves this EP a constant rewind, is a continuation from the previous comment on the lyrics, the relatable feeling that is brought with the words makes us feel more than listen. The verses battle and bring out parts of our lives that we need to face, things we’re afraid of, or even ashamed of. A lot of care and thought went into crafting these words. 


The ending track, Actualize, featuring Liam Bailey, concludes the EP brilliantly. As the guitar plucks away into a red sunset, I think about our lives at present, and where our directions will lead. Is life meant to be how it is? And do we even have a say in it if not? I’m not sure if that’s how this EP is meant to make me feel, but you feel what you feel, right? Great project, it’ll be getting a replay from me. 

Available now:

Matt Knight

September 19th 2019

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