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Matt Knight

July 5th 2023

Everyone’s favourite lobster and hard dance provider has released his remix of the early 2000s trance classic, Sandstorm by Darude.


The hard dance crustacean has been seen in clubs far and wide in recent times, leaving his imprint of cheesy donks and hard house bootlegs in venues across the globe.

Following on from his previous self release, Stereo Loves Phat Bass, a remix of Stereo Love by Edward Maya and Mika Jigulina mashed up with Phatt Bass by Warp Brothers, this track follows on with the flow of remixing that early 2000s trance and techno sound.


This bootleg is going to be knocking off heads this summer, with its presence already being known amongst clubs and USB sticks for a while now. He’s slapped his signature hard dance sound on a track that is held deeply in the hearts of many, with donks that could make the bravest of souls shed a tear.

It is now available for streaming and for free download, with the radio edit and extended edit available on Bandcamp.

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