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Matt Knight

September 21st 2021

The rightly respected and deservedly acclaimed producer, Liquid, is coming to a rave or speaker near you in November, and it’s being brought to ears by the justly suiting label, Kniteforce Records

This 12-track exploration into all things rave and groove ridden is set to bend a few minds, performing audio teleportation to lands only to be described as the early 90s rave scene, and touching most musical pocket in the process.


With Kniteforce’s keen advocacy and embodiment in that old school breakbeat sound, Liquid's addition to the label is welcomed seamlessly. The melodic and genre switch ups that are brought in this one will be leaving ya feeling restless and hungry for more of those funky bass slaps and whatever he’s going to pull out the bag next.


It starts instantly with ‘Wrong Sun’, where you’re transported from whatever situation you’re in and thrown in a smoke filled dingy funk club. Slappy basslines slap ya, dub echoes and one shots surround ya, and you just know you’re in for a good time.

Intensity starts to build and the party is now most definitely on its way, if anything it’s already started and you almost missed the stop as you really weren’t expecting that. Similar tear out jungle inspired breaks can be heard in ‘Dread in a Babylon’, making sure the spacey ambient breakdowns don’t get misread for slowing down or stopping the party.

The album is a true homage to the origins of rave culture, bringing that euphoric, 90s nostalgia built-in sound in 2021. Finishing off this body of work, is the heavily dub influenced track, ‘Blackwave’, and thus it is finished, with as much style and grace as it started.


And as the audio comes to an end and the sound of the outside traffic and crackheads fill your peripherals once again, you’re back in reality. The 90s rave extravaganza will be over, but your heart and soul will be forever thankful for the joy and fulfilment music can bring.


Underground and rave music are more than just explored in this album, rather picked apart and sewn back together again. If Liquid was trying to diminish perceptions and blow minds, he’s going to do just that.

‘Lethal’ by Liquid is available now for preorder now and is out for release on 12” and digital on 26/11/21



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