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We all know how it is in Leicester… 90% bassline. Not to say that it doesn’t go off at every bassline event that we attend, not to mention the dingy Sub8ten stints on Friday’s. It’s all enjoyable, but the craving for something a little bit more bassy and dirty can’t be denied.

For those who have come to Leicester for uni, maybe from places with little decent nightlife (such as myself), or from big cities where you have something every weekend, you can’t help but be a little disappointed by the lacklustre of the DnB scene here.

Since being here, the events we have attended haven’t varied much. We’ve seen the likes of Mungo’s Hi Fi, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Kenny Ken and Hazard, of course. Now you’re probably thinking that is pretty decent, there’s a part of all of us that love a jungly skank, but two drum & bass events in the entirety of five months? We just need more.

Now, the next thing for all the basshead’s will probably be thinking. Why not head on the next bus to Coalville and see the likes of Dominator or Majistrate? I mean, we could potentially, but in all our hearts we know that’s a mission. I would consider myself to be a dedicated jump-up listener, but travelling to LE67 is a long one.

So, to say this is a cry out for more drum & bass, then so be it. Like I said before, WE JUST NEED MORE. It’s a calling for a bigger and better DnB movement. As much as Beastwang pulled it out of the bag with Hazard, being their first DnB event, and I can’t see them bringing the likes of DJ Guv or Looney about. As slow as it might be, we believe this is where we get the ball rolling, and hey, we have the rest of our uni careers to get this going.

Chloe Baxter

February 21st 2017

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