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When I published this original article a whole twenty months ago, I kicked it off by saying ‘We all know how it is in Leicester… 90% bassline’. Since we have swiftly moved into third year, the Leicester music scene is almost unrecognisably different.

Before, it seemed like our only options were to travel out of Leicester to get our dnb fix. Now, there is variety on our doorstep. It is worth mentioning that by February 2017, when the first article was uploaded, there had been about 2 dnb events since we started university (the ones I was aware of anyway). Fast forward to October 2018, and there are 10+ dnb events this month alone!

Funnily, I called out Beastwang slightly in my last article because I couldn’t ever see them booking anything out of the comfort zone of standard bassline. ‘I can’t see them bringing the likes of DJ Guv or Looney about’, and like clockwork, they booked DJ Guv for the fresher’s Warehouse Rave six months later. If we are using that logic, I guess that means that we can be hoping to see Looney rinsing out the decks on Beastwang’s stage in April!

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Chloe Baxter

22nd October 2018

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However you simply cannot rely on one event to bring us all our music needs, and I’m sure that many people felt the same two years ago. That explains the explosion of vibrancy in the music scene and it cannot go unnoticed, all the smaller events are what actually make the music scene in Leicester worthy in my eyes. And it isn’t just the increase in dnb, it’s everything from techno to dubstep as well. The sharp increase of smaller events with the support that they receive from the get go just goes to show how there is such a desire for something different.

‘As slow as it might be, we believe this is where we get the ball rolling, and hey, we have the rest of our uni careers to get this going’. As it turned out, we don’t even need all that! Well – there is always room for more events and genres in Leicester. Of course - we would not turn up our noses at that.

Massive big ups to all the events in Leicester, whether they are small or big, start-ups or established, you working hard gets the Leicester scene thriving and unrecognisable from what it was two years ago.

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