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If you picture yourself at an underground rave, 

quite a dingy kind of place, say 4/5am that’s 

kind of where I’d say that my sound fits

For most of us, your second year at 

university is when the workload begins to actually

require some concentration, but unknown to Kreed, 

this would be the era where he would discover the love of his life, and it would come in the form of a house rave.


Kreed (full name Kieran Reed) told me how after his first rave at Switch in Southampton, he fell head over heels for house and techno music: “I think I saw Amine Edge and Dance, and I really enjoyed myself, so I just carried on going to a few others. I used to like strictly RnB and hip-hop.

“I got some decks for Christmas. Then I was DJing in my room just kind of by myself practicing, like a hobby. And then I got my first gig which was at Switch, I played there a few times. I played at Junk once or twice, and I played a few other places and after this point I was so engrossed in the music and the scene and the culture. I kind of grew into it, wanting to be a part of it.”

I asked him how he formed his DJ name and Kieran soon shut down my sarcasm whilst laughing: “Weirdly my mum bought me some Creed aftershave, and I actually got it from there.” 

In March, one of the 25-year old DJ’s biggest dreams came into reality when he played at Cutting Edge in Amsterdam, headlined by Detlef and Latmun: “Something I’ve always wanted to do since I started is play in different countries, and this was my first gig abroad so this was a big step for me. 

“Ideally I would like to be DJing full time one day and hopefully in different countries across the world. I want to be playing more festivals, more gigs, maybe have a residency somewhere. I’d also like to set up my own label in the future. I’m a long way off that yet but that’s something that I would love to do. I think DJing is quite an unpredictable kind of career path because I feel like you don’t really know what’s going to happen next. “

Even though international bookings are a reality for Kieran now, he told me how he liked the ‘home comfort vibe’ in venues that he knows well and plays in often: “The best venues that I’ve played at would have to either be Switch or EGG LDN. These two places always bring such a good crowd, like the atmosphere in the clubs is always really good. They’re always busy so you’re always playing to people, and that’s like the main reason I DJ, to share my music, get them dancing and hopefully they enjoy your set.”

The legendary DC-10 in Ibiza has also played a massive influence musically: “One of my favourite DJs is Luigi Madonna. I saw his set at DC-10 last year, and his set was absolutely amazing from start to finish. Everything was so clean. The track selection was on point and it was probably one of the best sets I’ve seen.

“My dream place to play would be either DC-10 in Ibiza, because last year I went I probably had the best night of my life, and it was probably the best I’d heard musically ever. Another one I’d love to play is, I don’t really know how to pronounce it but, Gashouder in Amsterdam. It’s like this huge arena. I went to Awakenings there for ADE and the venue is absolutely incredible. It’s probably the best place that I’ve ever been.”

I asked Kieran about his dark music style, and how he would choose to describe it: “If you picture yourself at an underground rave, quite a dingy kind of place, say 4/5am that’s kind of where I’d say that my sound fits. The tracks that I tend to select don’t have that many vocals in them, they’re more about the bassline and the drums opposed to a heavy emphasis on vocals.

“I like Adam Beyer because I kind of got into techno because of him. I’ve always liked Jamie Jones, he’s quite versatile as well so he can play summery kind of vibes, tech-house type stuff, but he can also do the techno side of things.”

Whilst his career is in early stages, Kieran told me about his main objective, and what he wants out of all of the hard-work: “Like every other DJ who’s just starting out and kind of hasn’t reached where they want to get to yet, I think the ultimate goal for any DJ is to play full time as a career.”

Catch Metafloor at EGG LDN’s Loft on 11th May, hosted by Kreed, alongside duo Hart & Neenon. The event is hosted by Ellie Cocks and Jack Swift and you can get tickets here:

Soundcloud: Kreed_Music 

Instagram: @Kreedmusic

Charlotte Brown 

April 28th 2018

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