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On the 15th of November, Critical Music’s, Kasra, will be releasing his 3rd solo release, with an EP titled Mécanique


Following from his 2nd EP five months ago, Focus on the Love, which definitely caused a riot in dingy nightclubs across the globe I’m sure, this four track EP explores all things rude, face-screwing , and undeniably innovative in the world of drum and bass.


The constant stream of imaginative and mind-boggling concepts coming from Kasra’s brain is somewhat inhuman. The title track, and Umami, both explain the prior sentence with crystal clarity. Ingenious layering of instruments is a common Kasra trait: the brushing and fluttering hi hats seem to coincide with the roaring basslines beautifully. The delicate, subtle touches that create such huge track character is second to none.


Much like in the track, Mécanique, the introduction could make a bellowing crowd of a thousand people stop and turn around timidly. Haunting stuff. The introduction is like an opening scene to a great battle: because once the battle commences, it is pure destruction. This goes from zero to hero in no time at all. 

kasra mecanique.jpg

Following on from eery track openings is Umami, where Kasra tends to follow on from his previous works and attends to murky introductions with rather sinister overtones. If it’s not dark and enigmatic, is it Critical?


On a feature and remix is the almighty Enei. When Enei’s name is mentioned in a track you know full well you are in for a treat, you better strap yourself in because he’s going to blow your mind sure enough. The remix, of course, being of Kasra’s enormous tune, Ski Mask, is edged with plenty saturated filth and a punch that can only be described as that of Ali. 


What Kasra is rather great at, is texturing sounds and instruments that just sound absolutely sublime next to each other. Not one key sounds off note or does one hi hat tend to clang against one another, his ear for sound quality and compatibility is masterful. 


Ladies and gentlemen, the boundaries are being pushed. 



Get your countdown on, as the EP is set for release on the 15th of this month.

Matt Knight

November 1st 2019

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