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On the 16th February Juan Forte graced a burrito shop in Leicester with a night of heavy bass, dubstep, and dub brought to us through the HM Audio Custom Void Sound System.


Juan Forte, based in Loughborough, provides a unique, and very different night compared to some of the other nights that span Leicester’s nightlife. This time they welcomed Croatia’s own Egoless, bringing his unique dubstep and dub sound.


The fact that Plan Burrito were hosting the event was enough to excite me: the perfect venue for a Juan Forte night would be in the basement of a burrito restaurant. The lack of burritos able to purchase there was a bit gutting, there might have been some but I probably just missed them, but finding the £3 Carlings acted as a decent replacement. 


We had to walk through the seating area of the restaurant to make our way to the basement, to find two rooms in which the DJs would transition to and fro. After already feeling wobbly from the night before, I thought the two rooms being split was a good idea, because the bass that came from those speakers literally rattled my insides.


The speakers’ smooth bass and clear quality was accompanied by a smooth flowing MC called Brizzy. His MCing worked nicely alongside the bouncy, and some-what hypnotic dubs. I think a lot of MCs overpower the music being played, however this was not the case. 


As Egoless’ set began at quarter past 1ish, the crowd flooded into the next room. The effort that went into night was nice to see; sombreros scattered about, piñatas, and the camouflage like material on the ceiling, it all created such a sound atmosphere, no fuss just vibing. 


I couldn’t get my head around all the equipment they had, and the DJs worked it all with such confidence, and props to all the Juan DJs for killing it with their steezy delivery.


The basement was a great size for the capacity, a hundred people seemed to fit in there quite nicely. 


If only Juan Forte was a regular night in Leicester, although maybe the build up to the next one is all part of the fun. I got my ticket at around a tenner when I realised I could’ve got it for a fiver, for that price these guys really undersell themselves! 

Juan Forte:

Plan Burrito:

Matthew Knight

March 3rd 2018

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