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Last week saw the release of another mystical delight from the Onyx Recordings camp, this time they have introduced the precision executer, the crispy sound designer, Invert Era. His debut EP sees five tracks spanning sub heavy, rolling drum and bass, all screaming to played out of a huge sound-system

Invert Era - otherwise known as Charlie Reeve - first came into the airwaves and ears of drum and bass revellers when he was featured on Korsakov Music’s Future Stars Vol 1 compilation, with Hypa, a minimal groggy roller with that rough and gritty feel that’s seen in this release. 


The Brighton-based producer makes two link ups on the EP. One being the well traveled, MC XL, featuring on the title track, Understated, who delivers a clean cut flow but still lets the sounds be heard and appreciated on whatever system it’s operating on. The 2nd feature is with another name that has been doing the rounds the past couple years, and a man who’s sound has been honed and defined to the creator, Manual, with Back 2. Invert Era and Manual, a pairing of names that needs to be heard more, both coming through with some incredibly complimenting sounds.


Similar to previous sounds created by this producer, such as his previous release on DnB Allstars,  Give Me, the EP oozes absurd basslines and snappy percussions. The EP has certainly set the bar high as to what Invert Era is capable of. Spacey breakdowns and mysterious synths. The final track, Motionless, breaks away from the sweaty neck snapping basslines and melodies, with light and airy synths and warming subs.


This EP explores eery and menacing soundscapes and design, and I have a feeling a lot of people are dying to play these out on a sound-system. Onyx have been honing in their sound for a while now, and each body of work is coming in with their own unique qualities and versatility. They have an ear for emerging sounds in drum and bass and Invert Era was a massive call. Crispy percussions, gritty sound designs, and more flavours than the Bristol Sweet Mart. 


Available now:

Onyx Recordings:

Invert Era:

Matt Knight

June 3rd 2021


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