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Inkripted Records are a record label rooted in the South West, providing an eclectic range of diverse DJs and producers, a refreshing wave of talented musicians who confine to no limits in terms of creativity. We caught up with 1/3 of the managerial team, ParcH, about the label and what they are all about.


Archie Tuxford, a 19 year-old producer who goes under the name ParcH, co-manages the label alongside his counterparts: “The label’s managed by my myself, Hayden Fairchild aka Don^, and Louie Lamb, aka Loo Roll.”


The label has been underway for not even a year although they have an impressive amount of artists involved in it: “The artists involved with us are; Baitman Swell, Mooreman, Sixteen Armed Jack, Vex The Selecta', Soundchecka, Osk-Kosh, Apprentice MC, Baby Demo, Aurality, D.I.S, Arkive, Steadlox, Positive Fyah and Supa Noodle.”


Although the label is still relativity on the come up, they have big plans for the future: “We would like to be organising regular club events in the future, and hopefully a festival that’s held annually every summer. One day we would also like to be distributing vinyl worldwide.”

Despite their South West roots, the label are looking to take on the world and expand globally, with artists from Canada to the Czech Republic: “We are intending to branch out more across the UK and abroad. Out of the four artists involved in the Irie Emissions EP, only one of them was from the UK. 


“The various international artists signed to the label include; 16 AJ (Canada) , D.I.S (Czech) Positive Fyah (Lithuania) and Baby Demo (Seattle, United States).”


With free parties being a big influence in the styles and sounds that come out of the label, Archie went on to explain the positives that come out of them: “I’ve gotta have love for the free party scene as it is in the roots of everything we do. I think it is proven by the recent scale and success of recent parties, that our free party scene is thriving.


“It’s a great opportunity to network and hear sounds from across the country with no rules or noise restrictions.”


The Inkripted crew are definitely a label you want to look out for, there is always something in the pipelines: “We have a few exciting projects on the go, including a new event and various new albums to come so watch this space!”

“I was particularly interested in learning more about the 90's era of raving, and as my normal style of music production generally fits into the category of modern day rave music, it was a nice way to turn the concept into an album that highlighted the development of rave music made in a chronological order.”


Raveolution displays Baitman’s diversity in production, offering a variety of different genres yet all produced at the same high standard: “I would describe my music as music to dance to, but also music that doesn't take itself too seriously. As I very much enjoy creating remixes of cheesy pop songs that turn the original into something that has an impact on the dance floor at a club or rave.”


The album took an impressive six months, where his university work did not get in the way of his production and drive. Baitman told me about his new alias and his upcoming musical projects: “I’m currently working on starting a new alias with the two producers Osh-Kosh and Soundchecka, so I will have plenty of new material to come once that is set up. 


“I am also working on a Borat EP which should be done some time this summer. Definitely going to be trying to create more conceptual music/projects similar to Raveolution but nothing has been fully decided on that front as of yet.”

Following the success of Baitman Swell’s recent album Raveolution, we had a chat with the DJ/producer about the project and all things music. 


Baitman Swell, aka Henry Swell, is a Bristol-bound producer who does not limit himself to one genre. He told us how he got into music production: “I started producing electronic music when I was 16 after being introduced to Logic Pro 9, although I've been into music and played instruments more or less my entire life. I met the Inkription crew through the free party and club scene and started mixing at their parties and events, then when the label started up last year I jumped on the opportunity to release through them.”


Raveolution, Baitman’s debut album, was released on May 13th. He explained how his love for rave culture helped shape it: “My influence for Raveolution came from my love for rave music and my interest in learning more about the culture that surrounds it.

It was a nice way to turn the concept into an album that highlighted the development of rave music made in a chronological order

With summer already on our doorstep, Baitman is keeping himself busy: “I'll be closing the Intrinzic stage on the Friday at No Mans Land festival which I’m very excited for! I’ll also be playing at an education and bass night at The Black Swan on the 30th of June alongside some pretty big names, so am also hyped for that! Another one I’m looking forward to is St. Pauls carnival, which I am playing a set through Hydrophonik Soundz. Other than that you'll be able to catch me at Inkripted events and Inkription free parties over the summer!”

Matthew Knight

7th June 201

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