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​The first release of newly established UK hiphop label, Brain Scran Records, is the hiphop trio, Mysteronz. Matt Knight wrote some thoughts on the project. 

​Mr Key & Greenwood Sharps are back, once again, with their second collaborative project which is out on Friday the 15th of November. Matt Knight shares his thoughts on the project. 

Earlier this year, Bristol MC, Wish Master, came out with an album with Baileys Brown and it is nonstop boom bap hiphop. Matt Knight is here to bring you his thoughts on the project, and why you should be listening to it.

​Seeing the release on Boom Bap Professionals, is this six-track EP by Louis Cypher. Keeping things strictly boom bap, this is Matt Knight's take on the project. 

​Another jazzy inspired beauty coming from one of the Godfathers of UK hiphop, Verb T, and natural beat maker, Pitch 92. it is everything you'd expect from these two. 

The time has come for Contact Play resident and renowned UK hiphop lyricist, Ronnie Bosh, to come out with his debut solo album. We've had a listen of it before the release to give you an insight as to what to expect from it. 

​Badbonez is not shy for churning out undeniably impressive content at stupidly fast rates and this album is nothing short of that. Here are some words on the project. 

​Last month saw the hiphop duo Digging Solid Crates (DSC) come out with Fonky Science: a sample filled, head bopping beat tape. This is what we thought of it. 

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