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HIGGO - 95 EP (OUT 17/06/19)

Sister brand of Chip Butty and Project Allout Records, Rare Supply, have released a sneak preview to the future Higgo EP, 95. It's a three track EP and oh boy does it provide the footwork flavas.


The opening and title track '95' starts with a bouncy melody and a nostalgic use of sampling, and when that bassline comes in the face is screwed and the skank comes out. Pure vibes!  The second track, 'Meet Me In The Middle', screams summer time rooftop atmospheres, a funky house type melody that does nothing but entice a shuffle. The ending track 'Work' is executed wonderfully, with the clever cuts between vocals and bass creating a groove to move your hips without even thinking about it. 

This EP is set to be an iconic piece of garage style bangers, nothing but pure happy vibes skankage!  


Rare Supply:


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