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Precisely placed along the infamous Zcre Beach in Croatia, Hideout is the festival that everybody has been too (or so it seems), but it still manages to maintain a sense of exclusivity. The man-made beach has staged some of the most elite among electronic music, and since Hideout festival was born eight years ago, it has created an influx of unforgettable scenes along the way.

In no particular order: Noa, Papaya, Kalypso and Aquarius are the four component clubs which host the festival - all open-air with their own pools, plus unreal stages. Creating the perfect venues to party in the glowing Croatian sun, get techy in the early hours, and to still be going when the much-admired sunrise emerges. In addition, a baby outdoor club called Euphoria,  holds it place on the beach along with the balloon stands, scattered tents, and the giant, well-recognised, and well photographed Hideout ‘X’ logo.

This year I was lucky enough to be one of the 12,000 that attended. The giant 2-litre cocktails that turned my mouth whatever colour I was drinking, meant my bank account definitely felt the blow, not to say that it wasn’t all completely worth it.

Here I present to you, the four most unbelievable moments of Hideout Festival 2018, from start to finish:



Mark Jenkyns, Richy Ahmed, Jamie Jones, and Patrick Topping, around a pool for five hours, overlooking an unreal view of the mountains. Undeniably the best full day of Hideout this year, and if you weren’t there then my heart goes out to you. Each DJ involved had no problem maintaining the lively reputation that they all have, perfect for a day party. You know you’re going to enjoy yourself when seeing any of the above play individually, let alone one after the other. These boys are known for producing bangers, and the Paradise pool party was in no short supply of such. 




There’s just something about techno in the early hours of the morning, especially when you’ve been partying all day. The unique sound projected by the Apollonia three was the perfect introduction to Nastia’s simply astounding set (which looked almost as good as she does), and Noa club was the perfect setting for the funky techno vibes.

Both of these DJs should be added to your ‘list-to-see’ immediately!



This young DJ and producer has really seen his career take off in such a compressed time span, playing at some of the best venues and festivals across the globe. His own individual style of tech-house goes unmatched through his track releases, as well as his sets. If you’re going to watch Latmun, I (and anyone else that has seen him) can guarantee that you’re going to have fun. His set at Aquarius on the Wednesday for Cuckoo Land Ibiza, showcased that in the most perfect of forms.

Latmun told The Wub: “It was an absolute pleasure to close the Aquarius day party at Hideout. It’s a special time to play as it’s the transition from day into night, allowing you to play a certain vibe to go with peoples changing moods and excitement, as they get ready for the night ahead.

“It was packed out and everyone fed back great energy while I was playing, one for the memory books!”



Cristoph can usually be found before a legendary Eric Prydz show, but I, amongst many others, were lucky enough to be graced by the presence of this very talented techno DJ at Kalypso on the Friday night. Unsurprisingly, the light show was a beautiful chaos, and was the perfect partner to what I can undoubtedly call one of the best sets I’ve ever listened to. I could not have found a better way to round up the week than getting lost in some deep techno.

Cristoph spoke to The Wub about the Hideout experience: “[This is the] first time I’ve ever been to hideout and hopefully I’ll be back next year. The whole experience was amazing. [I] really enjoyed playing and [I am] grateful for everyone who came to see me play, [I] can’t appreciate the support enough.”

Hideout Festival:

Charlotte Brown 

July 28th 2018

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