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On the 30th of March, Swindon offered quite a different night compared to the usual Revs or Tree experience, a night full for of smooth bassy rollers to jump up: with Hedex and Harry Shotta.


Performing their debut set together, we knew that is was going to be a special one. We arrived to the club, Suju, at half 12, to find Holistic Criteria warming up for the headliner quite nicely; rinsing bassy rollers and tinny jungle tracks. His eloquent rollers turned into a dirtier vibe, pathing the way smoothly for Hedex to jump on at half 2.


The outside area was a nice size, considering the venue was packed there was always space to mope about. Although the toilets were always packed, it seemed everyone was needing the cubicles all at the same time, a strange coincidence.


The vibe was quite different than I thought. Normally I find jump up nights can be quite aggressive and rowdy, although everyone seemed so hyped on the fact that Swindon is starting to develop a bit of a scene, and everyone was going in for it. 


Things became really sweaty when Hedex came on. The DJ booth was in the corner and there was another stage where Shotta would do the mic controlling. Although my love for MCs has never gone too far, I thought Shotta went hard and hyped the crowd really well. Sometimes you couldn’t really hear the tune as he was spitting over it, which was a bit irritating but he was a headliner so can’t really argue with it. 


The lights came on as phone lights brightened and lighters flamed for MC Stormin, who sadly passed away in February. 


Whenever Shotta would shout out Swindon I’d get so hyped, as DJs coming to Swindon is a rarity. I say that, however Rotate have been putting on some good nights, with DJ Guv, Mackey Gee and Skepsis in the past, with Turno coming alongside Eksman in May. Not all my cup of tea, but can’t deny what it is doing for Swindon’s underground music scene.

Rotate's next events:

Matthew Knight

April 24 2018

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