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Harry Boynton, AKA Harry B, is a 25 year old jump up DJ coming from Wiltshire and is climbing the DnB scene one gig at a time. 


He told me: “I started mixing drum and bass when I was around 17/18 just messing about in a mates bedroom sort of thing. Didn’t start playing out at events until I was about 22 due to lack of confidence, but once I’d had my first taste of playing at a proper legit venue in front of a decent crowd I never looked back.”

Harry comes from the South West yet resides in Plymouth, and is on a constant travel from show to show. He explained: “I would usually play in and around the Swindon area but came into contact with a guy called Rich Hutchins (Instigator), who runs Reassemble, when I went on a night out in Plymouth, I gave him a mix tape.”


Shortly after he was invited into the Reassemble family: “Not long after that he put me on one of his events and asked me if I wanted to join the Reassemble family. I jumped at this opportunity as at the time I wanted to branch out and play in other big cities, it’s also really good fun travelling around and playing at these sorts of events.


"I’m not in it for the money, it’s always good vibes when I meet up with the crew so the distance/travel doesn’t really matter to me, I’ve always been happy to travel the distance as I feel that’s what you have to do to get your name out there if you really are serious about DJing.” 

The UK jump up scene is like marmite, you either hate it or you love it. I asked Harry on his opinion on it: “It’s a love/hate relationship, you always get the good, the bad and the ugly and you get a lot of guys who are really quite big headed about what they do. But for the majority of it most people I’ve met in the jump up scene have been really nice and have given me some good advice along the way. The trick is to try and watch the movement and focus on yourself. It took me a while to figure this out but once I did I was a lot more happier with what I was trying to achieve.”

Harry is a resident with Volume DnB, a DnB night in Oxford, and Reassemble, a DnB and multi-genre radio station. He told me how he came apart of these: “A good friend of mine called Paul Snowden (Snowy) saw what I was trying to achieve and could see I was hungry for it, so he put my name forward to the guys over at Volume DnB. Shortly after that I took a trip up to Oxford to meet the guys from volume (Jimski, Mozman, Alman, Didz). They were really impressed with my online promo I was doing at the time and Didz’s (founder of Volume DnB) exact words were, ‘we see people like you with hunger and passion for what you want to do and we just couldn’t resist to get you on board’.

“Again this was a massive confidence boost for me and I now go up to Oxford twice a week to meet up with the boys, we’re like a family now and I’m overly happy to be involved with a crew who have almost the same goals and mindset as me.” 

Harry continued to tell me about the craziest set he’s played: “Craziest set I’ve played was probably up in Plymouth NYE just gone. I played the 2 till 3 slot and I was mixing away and I looked up and I just saw a sea of people which is probably one of the best feelings being a DJ. Not too mention I was with all the crew vibing out getting horrendously drunk.”

He has a busy year ahead of him, he explained: “October I have 5 bookings, 2 in Plymouth, 1 in Southampton, 1 in Chippenham and 1 in Swindon. I supported Wilkinson in Southampton on the 7th October which is probably my biggest booking to date so very pleased with that one. November 25th I’ll be down in Oxford with Volume DnB where we have TC, Grimeminister and Carasel headlining at the Bullingdon in Oxford.”

Harry B is definitely one to look out for, he’s working the circuit like a mad man and no doubt you’ll be seeing him soon. “Shout out to my Volume family. Didz/Alman/Jimski/Mozman, also shout out to Jay from Digital 101 Recordings. They’ve shown me nothing but love since being on board, so big shout out going out to those guys.”

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Matthew Knight
October 16th 2017
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