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In a world surrounded in negativity, depression and distractions, there is a different project forthcoming on High Focus Records that I am sure will be something to talk about in time to come. Mr Key & Greenwood Sharps are back with their second collaborative project, Green & Gold, following on from their previous album in 2015, Yesterday’s Futures.


This EP is in some way like a continuation from their previous project, exploring the similar echoed ambience styles in which Greenwood masters so well in his instrumentals. When we take into consideration that the EP was written between Sharps’ cottage in the British countryside and a secluded Finca of Andalusian Sierra Nevada, Spain, the inspiration for such tranquil composition starts to make more sense. 


From the sublime synth sounds of Go Outside to the mesmerising harmonies of Luv is all u need M8, the essence of relaxation and personal growth is very evident here. Mr Key never disappoints in voicing his rhymes like a wise, life-lived man. I would say, his rapping is more like spoken word poetry. In this EP Key excels in expressing what he deems important in life, whilst also staying true to the fact that he is, in fact, just a human who isn’t perfect. But that it’s okay to not be perfect, because we’re human. We are all progressing and learning in this life together on this planet as we all sit in this natural world. 

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Go Outside, much like the entirety of the EP, deeply explores nature and natural phenomena in it’s true form. It’s a true reflection of life’s beauty in words on a page. The notion that it is a necessity to show respect and love for the natural world is clear, and an important note, as in this day and age, it is something that can be lost or taken for granted. 


The EP is also accompanied with short movie, and given the cinematic and theatrical aura that is emitted from the project, I feel that it is suitably attached. For instance, the transition between the opening track and That’ll be the Day, oh my, what impeccable fluency. It is strung together in incredible precision and flows ever so naturally, much like the natural theme that is incased within. Tracks flow in and out of each other like a water stream in a valley, much like the words that spew from Key’s mouth.

Poetic, captivating, honest. Are three words that I would label under Mr Key. His rhyme schemes and especial perspective on life’s offerings will always, in my eyes, make him stand out from the rest. His craft has been honed, his lessons have been learnt, and he is here to speak. Whilst thrown over the beat mastery of Sharps, it is a combination not to be reckoned with. 


The Key and Sharps combo is like cheese and crackers: it’s meant to be. They play off each other’s sounds with an unmatched brilliance: Green & Gold is a great cinematic body of art. 


Out on 15/11/19. Pre-order now:

Matt Knight

November 14th 2019

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