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Matt Knight

July 13th 2023

Worlds collide in the most recent release from the Eyesome Collective, with Portuguese producer, Freud, bringing out his debut EP alongside a couple special guests.

The French record label and group of bass music experimenters, Eyesome Collective, have been releasing a range of electronic bass productions, since 2015. Much like their previous releases and the general ethos of the label, this 5 track EP explores all the cracks and corners of low end frequencies, and this time it's through dusty and rattly 140.


Lithuanian producer, gu-100, comes through with a faster, euphoria led and jungle influenced remix of the title track, Iceman. The second remix on the EP is brought to us by Grawinkel, with a heavier and wobbly rework of Invasion.

The Amsterdam-based and Portuguese-born producer holds an excellent discography and back catalogue of productions: from jazzy soundscapes and dusty lofi hiphop cuts, to the big and bad, sub heavy dub tracks. With the Iceman EP, there’s a bit less chill - and a bit more greeze.

Freud brings a certain eeriness on this one. There’s a misty and intriguing atmosphere that lurks around. Eyesome, a collective that specialise in the exploration and production of electronic bass sounds, seems like a fitting home for this bass heavy 140 project. The label hold a solid standard of high quality releases, no matter the BPM or the genre, and this EP fits seamlessly in the Eyesome musical catalogue.

You can stream or purchase the Iceman EP via the links below, and to stay up to date with the genre-bending bass enthusiasts, Eyesome Collective.

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