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Exams finally over, no more strenuous revision, and we have a while to chill out before we go back to our hometowns to work over summer. What better way to celebrate and get your pals up from home for a skank, ay? For me, I had one friend come up from Norwich, whilst others got a whole crew up – the best way to round off first year. 

We were off to 2Funky Music Cafe, and the ‘Festival2Funky’ pleased us by getting Kenny Ken, DJ SS, MC Bassman and some others down for the occasion. They even had outside DJs playing 9pm-1am, something I hadn’t seen since one of the earliest events I had experienced in Leicester.

I wasn’t surprised by the lack of students, exams had only just finished but a lot of people were already heading home. Even though it was fairly quiet, there was multiple heads congregating for a skank at the front. Kenny Ken came on at 1am for an hour set, and it was very hot – it made me wonder how I have ever survived at the Music Cafe before at sold out Beastwang events, such a stuffy venue.

Anyway, it was good jungle vibes for part of the set, then got dirtier throughout. Every 20-30 minutes we would have to go outside to get some air as it was so hot. MC Bassman did tend to get on my nerves, as most MCs do, it felt like he was repeating the same material over and over.

Next DJ SS came on for 2-3am. He started off heavy, it was almost too much for me. It was overly hectic jump up like Jack the Ripper. Still, seen as we don’t get much of it in Leicester, it was good to groove to some jump up. This has been the second time I have seen SS in Leicester, and what I remember from last time it wasn’t as crazy.

We left towards the end of his set and went back to the flat, remembering that this was our last time going to the Music Cafe in our first year of university, and therefore only being a 3 minute walk away. A very saddening thought indeed – but made the event better in a way.

It was great to celebrate with a crew, but overall the event was fairly disappointing. The crowd was lively but it was also a random mixture, and also wasn’t very big. Music was on point, but events 9pm-4am just don’t do it for me. We missed the majority of the outside DJs because they started and finished so early, which was the biggest disappointment for me. However, Kenny Ken and SS pulled through and allowed for a sweet skank, see you next year 2Funky.

Chloe Baxter

June 8th 2017

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