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Matt Knight

February 8th, 2022

Having gained significant traction and widespread recognition through the ‘u k, g?’ campaign, the mental health non-profit, eott, are helping open doors to the conversation around mental health


Starting in Brighton 2019, eott have formed into an open and welcoming free space for the normalisation of mental health conversations. It has sparked the topic especially in the music industry, but wider than that, society as a whole.


Life is hard to navigate at the best of times, but we’re all on this crazy journey together. So being there and supporting each other can make a big ol’ difference to someone that you may not even recognise. Although, understanding where someone is coming from can make the start of the conversation harder than the conversation itself: “From our experience, it's about firstly doing it with love, and time, and sincerity,” co-founder, Levvy, told us. “We believe that everyone has the right to their own feelings and emotions, and that it's only them who can know the truth of their heart. So for example, it's not good to be like, 'oh you shouldn't be feeling like that...' or, ‘oh you're over reacting...' etc based on how the situation would feel for you. You know what I mean?”


Their official debut campaign ‘u k, g?’ brings together two things that a lot of us can resinate with: music and the mind. UK Garage touches everyone’s soul, so why not make that the connection to reaching out: “It's gone pretty wide so far, which is pretty amazing given we've not done a huge amount of promo just yet, but it's here for the long run. It's cool and fun for sure but it's no trend, the minding purpose and truth of it will always prevail. Like, despite (and not to dismiss) the funny perceptions of like 'haha, u k, g!’ It's still primarily about checking up on our mates, and not finding mental health conversations so daunting, you know?” Watch out for the next clothing line that will be no doubt dropping sometime soon.

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Life is confusing, especially when your brain can’t make sense of itself. eott aim to create a community of peers and a network of care, a much needed platform and space in these days and times. Acknowledging and dealing with mental health is a bewildering quest to understanding, and with a no-jacket-fits-all attitude, empathy and consideration will never do harm. “We do think that familiarity and awareness are hugely important steps when it comes to a great deal of mental difficulties. 'The first step to resolving an issue is knowing there is one’, as goes the classic phrase. It’s real difficult to take the steps to overcoming/managing anxiety (for example) if you don't know what anxiety is, or on the flip side, if you DO know what anxiety is and the effects it can have on the mind/person, then that's a real important first step I think.”


The simplistic and familiar online aesthetic of informal, casual chitchat mirrors the soul purpose of their mission, to normalise the perception of mental health.


How you feel is important, and when it comes to advice there’s a million and one suggestions and there is no easy, singular answer, but Levvy paraphrased nicely: “Show love. Dance. Understand everyone's got their own shit going on.”


Find out more about eott and how to show love with the links below:

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