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Matt Knight

May 5th 2022

This month will see the release of Turning EP, a two-track euphoric exploration in the intimate relationship of garage and jungle music on Jucey Tunes

The London-based singer/songwriter/selector, Ell Murphy, has teamed up with the all encompassing, genre fusing producer, Mani Festo. These two tracks display that certain finesse these artists provide with each release; honest, raw and inevitable party wreckers.


Ell’s own label and project, Jucey Tunes, is going to be home of the release. Following on from the many on point garage releases on the label, from the likes of Nitework and DJ Crisps to name a couple, Jucey Tunes is going from strength to strength, with a touch of class and elegance being brought with each release.


Starting with a reese heavy, 2step influenced garage tune, with big and bad industrial style jungle breaks laced throughout, Turning. This has got that signature emotion driven vocal delivery that Ell has concreted her name around, with the tight and genre bouncing sound of Mani on the buttons.

"The track 'Turning’ came together really quickly at the end of 2021. As soon as Nick (Mani Festo) sent me the instrumental, the vocal hook came to me almost instantly and the producer/vocalist dynamic flowed so easily. The song is about the dilemma of being in a situation with someone where the desire is strong, but it’s never gonna go to that next stage, and the feeling of needing to stop yourself falling any deeper before it becomes too late.” - Ell


Finishing the EP we end on an ethereal note, Dreamin, is full with ambient pads and breaks with soft, reverb laid vocals for those emotional set breakdowns where everyone hugs their mates and expresses how much they love each other. Although the big, bad and heavy is not left out, with Mani still providing the tear out jungle mash up business incase anyone gets too settled.


The EP is being released in two parts, Turning is out tomorrow the 6th, and Dreamin is out on the 20th.


If you’re looking for that soulful goodness, then Turning EP might be the one you’ve been looking for.

Soundcloud: @ell_murphy
Facebook: @ellmurphymusic
Instagram: @ells_bellss

Soundcloud: @mani_festo
Facebook: @manifestodj
Instagram: @mani_festodj

Soundcloud: @juceytunes
Facebook: @juceytunes
Instagram: @juceytunes

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