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The turntable wizards Digging Solid Crates (DSC) are out with a brand new beat tape and it’s sending a warning to those with sore necks, as this beat tape will get your head knocking like a door knock. 


Full Circle sets the tone for the beat tape, with some absolutely superb scratching skills being demonstrated here alongside the eloquent 90s hiphop samples to give you a feeling as to what to expect from the next 30 minutes. The tone of the track resembles the track title, as it explores a couple variating undertones and atmospheres. 


The second track of the album Piece of Mind comes in so smooth you could butter it on toast. The pure harmonies instigated by those lightly pressed piano keys and those harmonic strings elevating the sound in the background. 


Introducing the third track Like This is a repeating drum loop then a big ol’ boom into those kicks and snares, the note of those background synths and underlying sub-bass works beautifully alongside those Wu Tang and Nas sample scratches.

dsc fonk.jpg

Welcome to the Lab takes the prize for best scratches of the album, DJ Mechs demonstrating his masterful talent at capturing those hard, boombap samples and turntable scratching.  


Arguably the most funky and well produced track of the album is the title track Fonky Fresh, you would assume the title track has always got that extra punch to it, and this certainly does. The piano keys emphasis the greatness of this track, the mood of this track took me to a pristine elevator taking me up to Ronnie Scotts in a three-piece suit and a cigar in my mouth.


The relaxed demeanour this album is attempting to radiate is executed with precision, with mellifluous piano keys and drums a plenty. The ending track, Science, demonstrates some drums and hi hats that play captivatingly together, leaving me slumped into my chair and my hairs on end by the end of this buttery-smooth, sample-filled neck-snapping beat tape.


Matt Knight 

February 25th 2019

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