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This selection from 2018 sees none other than the prang prescriber himself, the original bassline squealer, Dr.Oscillator. 

The album, Party Prescription, sees the doctor experiment with styles ranging from the classic 140 bassline business, some 140 wobbler ish with ASBO, and for good measure some tear out drum and bass stylie with Cosmic Monsters

Off Me Nut Records, a multi-genre record label based in the bassline motherland of Sheffield, pose a constant desire to promote diversity in all party music styles. With each release comes a plethora of exhilarating and straight up mind-boggling sounds, and this release most definitely enclosed both of those things and a couple more for good measure.

Dr.Oscillator is a name that's been respected in the game for some time now, and Party Prescription perfectly demonstrated that the man won't be backing down from the party prescribing in our life time.

Matt Knight


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