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Sunday night had finally come around and it was one that had been hyped up for a long time, DJ Q All Night. Not only were we seeing DJ Q, but a 5 hour set? Yes please. This treat hadn’t only come to Leicester though; DJ Q has been touring the UK doing ‘All Night’ sets all over the place.

We arrived at the trusty 2Funky Music Cafe, and got a smudged stamp on our hands as proof of entry. Then we climbed the small staircase into the sweatbox skank area. As the tunes got underway, they got wobblier when the venue started to get busier.

DJ Q did look fairly bored at the beginning, which didn’t surprise me considering Leicester was his 4th stop and he still had another 5 cities to visit after that night. But it was impossible for him to stay that way as the crowd got bigger and rowdier.

However it made me wonder, he was about to do another 4 hours of this set, how many tunes must this guy know? He either really knows his bassline or must be getting bored of repeating the same stuff. The first preference is more probable, seen as he is one of the biggest names in bassline. And as the night went on, we could tell he was a dedicated DJ.

Dropping wobble after wobble, bass faces stared into flashing lights. It was a strange feeling going to an event with one singular DJ, but made it more chilled not having to think about missing anyone else’s set.

As the night went on, our feet started to tire but it didn’t stop the crowd going. There was about a 10 minute period where he dropped some disgusting jump up, which was music to much of our ears. It really does prove the theory that bassline and jump up do go hand in hand, seen as most bassline DJs love to drop a few dnb tunes here and there. Collaborations such as Skepsis and Macky Gee make the two genres blend together well, even though nothing has even been released yet. But for anyone who likes these genres, to hear that collabs like this are taking place can only get one gassed.

All in all, DJ Q nailed it. It was great to add him to the list of DJs, seen as I’d never seen him by himself. I think that a lot of people can say that they’ve seen TQD, but not really the DJs involved by themselves. The Warehouse Rave was 5 days following, which has been the most anticipated bassline and dnb event in Leicester for months; and for that, we can thank DJ Q for the ultimate hype up!

Chloe Baxter
October 3rd 2017
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