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Davide Carbone is a name that everyone in the underground may not know straight away, but they will have almost certainly heard his music before, having created a legacy in sound design since the late 1980’s.

In 1999, he started BS1 Records while living in Bristol, UK. They went on to spawn the likes of TC, and have featured artists such as Heist and Distorted Minds. Their current roster features names such as Lomax, Kubiks and Decoder.


The man himself has a rather special album forthcoming on BS1, the delectable “Carbon Electra LP”. Featuring 12 tracks, some new and some remastered from previous releases, all of which are some incredible productions of music. When combined as a total package, this release is a masterpiece. The LP blends elements from all areas of rave music: from the trancy “Eventide”, featuring London-based Sam Welch, packed with layered synths, perfectly placed vocals and wonderfully crafted percussion, with these blended together to become what I can only describe as beautiful drum and bass. All the way to the drumming showcase, “Drummers Descension”, featuring Australia’s premium drummer, Bouclette, where the blend of real drumming over a heavy as lead sub, mesmeric instrumentals and Sub Focus-esque synths, create a truly unique piece of music, which is a throwback to early Pendulum and reminds me of watching DJ Fu and Jungle Drummer at Nass Festival in 2007, truly amazing.


My personal favourite from the release and a certified summer classic is another new track from the release. “Harmonix” is a guitar driven liquid drum and bass track that hits all the right notes. From exquisitely layered drum fills and percussive elements, to the driving sub and complimenting synth, this track fits right at home alongside the likes of “I Refuse” by Netsky and the High Contrast classic, “If We Ever”, in my favourite liquid tracks playlist.


Another stand out track from this LP is “Negative Phase”. A deep and moody track, with a heavy rolling sub and those kinds of drums and high energy that just make you want to skank and move your body until you drop. This track exemplifies what this project is all about, creating an emotive release that draws from so many areas of music, blended into the drum and bass format for us to revel in. An easy-listening, high energy release that will just as easily make you dance as it will make you feel something.

Coming out on May 7th, be sure to go and get yourself a copy and go follow BS1 Records, Davide Carbone and check out his other ventures while you’re there! 


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