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The Blackburn hero and twisted slang slayer, Bill Shakes, has done everything right so far. He destroys slow 90s hiphop beats, almost embarrasses his peers when on a feature, and keeps everything strictly UK in terms of that sleazy Northern grittiness. But there's one thing that's been missing, an album. 

Blah Records, one of the pioneering sounds in UK hiphop, announced his debut album, Eh?, will be released on the 23rd of August. The premiering track, Tugay Kerimoğlu, is an ode to Blackburn's legendary midfielder. The track, most like all of Shakes' works, brings a distinct feel of paying homage to where he is from, and wearing it as a stamp of pride. 

Shakes has that unique twang which brings a fresh voice to the UK hiphop scene, merging words together that definitely, on paper, shouldn't work out. He's got something about him, and the wait for the album drop will keep us all eagerly waiting, I am sure. 


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